Scooter in the milk box

AWWWW, ain’t he cute?

Scooter is a cat I rescued back in 1996 at my folks place in West Salem.  He was found wandering around the cul-de-sac and none of the neighbors knew where he came from.

I put him in the car and brought him back to Jeff’s, who immediately was smitten with lost kitten.  He’s been there ever since.

I dubbed him Scooter, because he is a Scooter if there ever was one.  Wes called him Striper, Vi called him Toby, (Toby???) and Jeff called him Booger.

He is pretty much Booger/Scooter now.  But we’ve noticed he will come to anything he’s called.  There might be food involved.  You never know.

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