Milly on the back porch

This is one of Jeff’s kitties, Milly.

Milly is short for Millennium because she was born in the year 2000 and because Mazda also made a car called the Millennia that same year.   Years ago when I had lived there, I had rescued an all black kitty and named her Miata, after the Mazda sports car that came out around that time and because she was little, quick and went around the corners fast.

Jeff thought naming cats after cars was brilliant and often called Miata “Mazda Kitty” in homage to her car name.   Milly was the first cat he got the didn’t already come with a name, so Millennia it is.

Or Milly-goat, Milly-cat, Milli-vanilli and Princess…and here she is supervising Jeff while he sweeps up leaves.

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Just another crafty gal from the PNW. Baking, Cooking, Sewing, Handstitching, Spinning, Knitting, ATC's and Card Making, Uhmm...I won't bore you.

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