Dexter in yard

As usual, Dexter followed me around and kept sticking his nose in!

He is such a little ham!  SO, here is the apparently, required, pix of Dex.

Cali, as usual is reposed on my bed snoozing, where she is everyday after tuna time.  I could snap the same pix of her day after day, it would look exactly the same except for the arrangement of the bedding.

Because that gets so boring, I actually used my special effects photo editing tools and made it look like an old-fashioned photo of her instead of the one I actually took quite recently.

And that was such fun I did it with Dexter snoozing too, only I used a different set of special effects.

Don’t ask me what I did, I just click on things until I like it and then save that copy seperately from the original pix.  Doesn’t he look so sweet and innocent when he’s asleep?  Don’t fall for it!

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