Bar-Maids Bars

Bar-Maids Lo Lo Bars are terrific!  Nice lady that makes them too!

The oils dissolve rapidly in your skin, leaving it silky and smelling wonderful:)

Vi, Joanne, Chris and I each picked a few of the Lo Lo Bars many different scents to try.

“Honey -Do Almond” has climbed to the top of my favorite list and hasn’t been far from me ever since, although I also like my “Coco Mango” too!
Chris got a nice, clean “guy” scented on called “Billy Breeze”. Vi picked “Pink Grapefruit” and Joanne went for two bars and a “Bling Cherry”  Lip Lube,  I think “Lavender Lil” and “Warm Vanilla Cake” but I am not sure.

Just one more reason to go to OFFF.

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