Life’s a beach scrap book layout

and another scary thing.

I think I spent about 30 minutes just hunting down, cutting out and arranging the letters to spell my title here.  Way too much time.
I hear of people making entire layouts in 10 minutes. (and they are proud of that, too)
Here I am spending 30 minutes just clipping out and arranging letters to spell my title.
What’s wrong with me?

Nothing.  I just get an idea in my head and go with it…no matter what that means…30 minutes, a trip to the local scrapbook/stamp store or a visit to my sister’s for encouragement and/or to dig thru stuff in her stash, IT”S ALL GOOD!

And I remember my favorite definition of happiness:
“To be happy is to find your best work pleasing.”

I have no idea where that quote came from, I wrote it down years and years ago, before I learned the importance of attribution.  If anyone reading this knows, feel free to leave a comment.

Actually, feel free to leave a comment anyway, unless its not nice, than don’t.  My momma always said, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all.”

2 responses to “Life’s a beach scrap book layout

  1. Debra

    cute idea!

  2. ~Melissa

    yer ugly and yer mama dresses you funny!!! 😛

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