Dadcat with the pick ax

Here’s Rick in the front yard helping dig it up some more. Just in case the trencher didn’t do enough.

If you click on the pix to biggify it, you can see the grin of a happy guy.  Because guys are always happy doing stuff outside in the dirt:)

Chris and Dadcat lay out the pipe.

Yeah, I know this isn’t in order.  I tried, but my photo shop program up and died on me and by the time I got a new one up and running I had 539 pix to upload and edit and sort thru.  The life of a photographer.

Did you catch that number?  I said five hundred and thirty nine!

and Chris wonders what I do at the computer for hours…

About goodfruit

Just another crafty gal from the PNW. Baking, Cooking, Sewing, Handstitching, Spinning, Knitting, ATC's and Card Making, Uhmm...I won't bore you.

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