My oldest UFO (un-finished object)

OK folks, here it is. It should’a been a contest, whoever has the oldest UFO in their stash wins. Then I would’a won!

So, to ‘fess up. This cardigan represents my serious return to knitting, I was going thru a life-altering-painful experience (aka divorce) and signed up to take this sweater class at my LYS. I thought it would help take my mind off of the Other Things, if you know what I mean. That was, lemme see, way back in 93/94.

So I have alternately, knit, frogged, stuffed away, knit, frogged, stuffed away, moved around about a dozen times, and this Thing has never gotten lost, or ruined. It’s even survived a literal flood! and yet, the waters, nor the mold, touched it not. This Thing is starting to take on something like a Bibilical story. and yet, it sits in my closet, having been nearly frogged into a pile of nothing, waiting…I hesitate to take it all the way to the frog pond, because there is some good work in there. That pic up there is a shot of the back of the cardi design, and I had to frog it and re-knit it three times just to get it to that point. I blew up the charts to 200% so I could see them well enough to follow, and marked each painful row that I did. This Thing has so much history, it could not go all the way to the frog pond.

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